Wednesday, August 6, 2008

just an idea :)

Encouragement for those meals from the store:

Because I picked up a rotisserie chicken from Sam's, popped in some of the delicious Yukon Rose potatoes (the best I'd had since my dad grew them back in my childhood days); some fresh Sam's French bread; sliced cukes & carrots with Kraft's fat free Peppercorn Ranch Salad dressing with a generous amount of dried dill for dip, and a Sam's Key Lime Bundt Cake for dessert; Cantafla's limeade...

We had time to spontaneously bring over half the cake to share with friends for a happy event in their family,
AND take the dog out for her first Boardwalk encounter
AND get to bed before 10.

Sometimes, store-bought is a HUGE blessing! How cool is that?


blythe said...

What's Cantafla's limeade?