Wednesday, August 13, 2008

6 & 7 & 8 & bunch!

This is a bit of a follow-up post on "when to buy organic or not". So I've been doing more research, and there definitely is conflicting information on residual pesticides on bananas. The Green Guide had another good article on pesticides and the top ten organic purchases a consumer should make.

I went to the Whole Foods Market today, checking out prices, and trying to figure out how I can practically stay on a budget while providing my family with wholesome food. One thing I found rather confusing was the labeling of "conventional" and "organic" fruits and veggies. Why buy conventional produce at Whole Foods? A 5 lb. bag of organic russet potatoes costs $4.99. And organic yams are $2.49/lb. I wonder if I can do any better on potato prices. Buying produce in season (and on sale) definitely can cut the cost of buying organic. Cucumbers were 3/$1. I was able to get organic chicken (thighs/drums/wings) for $1.79/lb. And of course, all the bulk grains (brown rice, oats, and quinoa) are reasonably priced. I am considering adding WF to my weekly/bi-weekly grocery run.

Things I have already implemented to cut the cost of eating healthier:

  • Buying frozen veggies on sale & stocking up
  • Purchasing chicken breasts on bone, deboning, freezing, and using the bones for soup
  • Limiting processed food intake
  • Cooking/baking from scratch
  • Removing trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup from my kitchen
  • Eating ethnic foods (lots of cheap, tasty peasant foods like lentil soup, eggplant parmesan, stir fries, curries, etc.)
  • Baking my own bread
Other ideas I've been concocting:
  • Adding more whole grains to our diet
  • Making my own granola & muesli (cutting back on boxed cereal)
  • Pureeing and freezing my own organic baby food
  • Baking my own fiber/protein rich bread
  • Checking out the farmer's markets
And a few years down the road, I'd like to have my own garden, a cow, and a few chickens. Anyone else have any hints for eating whole foods on a budget?


leslie b said...

i was this (very small space between index finger and thumb) close to calling you today and seeing if you wanted to whole foods shop together... darn, guess I'll go alone... I don't know any other tricks than you've already mentioned, that's why I read your blog.

Eowyn's Heir said...

one thing you have to be careful about in buying bulk grains is that they go rancid rather quickly in those big bulk bins, and there's no way to tell how old they are. It's better to get them in bulk in a sealed container-- whether it's through a website, Whole Foods, or a co-op of some kind... just so ya know. :)