Friday, November 14, 2008

pinching pennies vol. 3

Special offer for all you Grub readers. Whoever posts a comment first explaining whether or not the last few "Pinching Pennies" have been helpful gets an envelope of pre-clipped healthy/organic coupons sent to her mailbox. Go post a comment!

More healthy food savings!!!

Coming Soon! Printable coupons from Mambo Sprouts. This will be probably one of the biggest sources of savings for people buying organic and will include coupons from many different brands.


leslie blair said...

Hey, I have to admit I have not been on here in a while... and I'm sad I haven't! I have missed some great stuff! I'm excited to use the green beans recipe, as winter gets here we'll probably use canned or frozen beans, but it should still be good stuff. Thanks for doing the coupon hunting... makes my life easier in one way, especially when I'm shopping organic. it can just get way expensive. Keep up the good work!

blythe said...

Leslie, you get the coupons (that is, if you want them)! They're the Mambo Sprouts coupons from Whole Foods. Most of them expire the end of January.

Let me know!